Sent from my iPhone: The long-awaited sequel to E, from Matt Beaumont

We’re a tiny bit slow on the uptake here. But the other day we found out that Matt Beaumont has written a follow up to the much loved E. 

E was course literature at most ad colleges. So I doubt there are many of you that haven’t read the brilliant adland satire composed only of emails,

So, in case you didn’t know it, Matt’s new book is out now and it’s funny². And it’s not just emails this time, either. The new book is called E²  and it’s great.

And, as it’s my (lol)’s tenuous claim to fame that I did my first ever work placement with him about 15 years ago, we decided to ask him for an interview. The interview and full feature is coming soon. We’ll post a proper review of it when we get back from Cannes next week.

For now, here is the book’s brilliant website

“the box is a holographic, seven-dimensional, gem encrusted dodecahedron.” Love it.

You can also follow the ‘meerkats’ at

Au revoir til then.

P.s. Longshot this, but is anyone arriving at Nice airport at 11.30pm that wants to share a cab with us?!!  


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