World, meet Donna

Donna Amey
is incapable of writing a dull sentence.

Over the last two years as Glue’s sparky receptionist, every email she ever sent out brought tidings of joy and amusement to those who read them. Whether it was about Rexel staplers, the sandwich man or the bike-shed combination, she found a way to squeeze humour into it. Continue reading “World, meet Donna”


From Chaucer to Chatspeak

Both Nat and I have alway had a bit of a dislike for chatspeak and the over-use of 8 in text messages. We couldn’t help wanting to vomit when the word ‘Staycation’ entered the lexicon last summer. And more recently, sick bags at the ready for this one: ‘Advergame.’ Continue reading “From Chaucer to Chatspeak”

Long Copy is not dead. It’s just living in Truro.

I’m not alone in saying this, but I want to marry the writer of this ad.

He is a comic genius.

His ridiculously verbose yet utterly charming ad for some urine-free surf-wear is currently doing the rounds in social media. Or is it a viral for XCEL? Continue reading “Long Copy is not dead. It’s just living in Truro.”