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PR quotes

“Very, very funny … A real honest-to-goodness feel-good book, with grown-up jokes and a brilliant plot. Enjoy!”

— favicon lolB & H Independent  

The Blurb:

Sweet-natured Daisy, assistant at a large publishing house, has two wishes in life. One, to discover the ‘next big thing’ in books and two, for her gorgeous, philandering boyfriend Miles to finally commit.

But soon work starts looking up. When the thoughtful and witty Elliot Thornton comes in for a temporary placement, Daisy quickly forms a close friendship with him. But she’d never want to leave Miles for him, would she? Then, one day, while glancing through her rejection pile, she comes across the intriguing first pages of a novel. She emails the mysterious author straightaway, and as chapter by chapter slowly filter through to her, she becomes completely spellbound.

Somehow, there’s something very familiar about the heroine and her story. This is an enchanting romance about a girl who knows she’s in love – she just doesn’t know who with…

favicon lolMore praise for Lost for Words

“Gives a good look into the publishing world, and has a lovely romantic twist to it. … A fun, quick summer read” — Beauty and Lace 

“Who doesn’t like it when the guy in a novel remembers little minute details about the girls conversation and then publishes them in a book? Well I know I do! a really good story and about as twisted and confusing as love can be. A great read for all.” Good Reads

“Another enjoyable gem… perfect summer read” Lovereading.co.uk 

“…some of the best writing I’ve read for a very long time. If you’re looking for love, have found it or even if you’re married, read this and rekindle those heady feelings once again.” Amazon  

“Such a joy to read, and at points laugh out loud hysterical.” Amazon  

“Lorelei Mathias has single handedly renewed the girly in me. Such a joy to read, and at points laugh out loud hysterical. She has a knack of illustrating so beautifully those ludicrous comedic situations one sometimes finds themselves in.” Amazon  

“Like Jilly Cooper meets Bridget Jones only better (and best read on sunny garden swing – see book cover)” Amazon  

“Lovely Literary Love!” Amazon 

“From the first page, I totally loved this book. It is funny, sparkling, full of action and pace, and with a cast of likeable characters who feel completely real: in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve met a few of them myself! Even the less likeable characters can be forgiven, because you feel you understand why they behave the way they do (and that must surely be the mark of a top class writer). Gave me an intriguing insight into the world of publishing.” Bookish 

“Warm, wise and delightful, pad and pen
A frothy romance,
I say this book is wonderful
And worth a chance.
Spend some time in the company of Daisy;
Publishing type, far from lazy.
Looking for love in a manner haphazardly,
An unsuitable boy causing melancholy. Copy of lfw-books copy
Then an unbidden manuscript
Causes joy and perhaps a sight
Of a better love, one that’s right.
And of the question – how to get it?
Lorelei tells us with verve, style,
And definitely makes it worth your while.”

By R. Dastidar, Poet of Adland

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P.S. 51ujzJBiZyL._UY250_

Here is the german cover. They have changed the title. It means ‘More than a thousand words’, which, you might say, is the opposite…?




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