Teenage Wasteland

You might recognise this chap here:


I (lol) came across his sorry ass at the Private View of Amersham & Wycombe College’s Degree Show on Monday night.

We know Bucks is famous for having a good advertising course. But it turns out there’s also a good Art, Design and Photography contingent brewing down the road in Amersham. And as I’m from round there (well, the poor-man’s Amersham, otherwise known as Chesham), I thought I’d go back and see some of the work.

Overlooking the use of the phrase ‘Creatively thinking outside the box’
on their e-flyer Invite, there was a lot of good work on display. 

One of the highlights was Photography. Many of this year’s graduates were at the Free Range exhibition the other week, so you might have seen them. I liked a lot of them but these two both had cards and URLs, so here’s Hayley Samuelson and Denise Mchale.

But one of my favourite things was the untitled work from Declan Carroll, a Fine Art graduate. To summarise his blurb, it’s about a vision of the future where all the world’s disgarded waste – our neglected childhood toys among them – conspires to take revenge on humanity.

So that’s how you end up with this sinister army of nostalgic Rubbish-bots. These strange creatures who are “part waste; part childhood
friends.” Only only one is pictured, (or hopefully will be soon once the Brand republic computer says Yes.)

Not sure why the rubbish-bots appealed to me – possibly I was drawn to them because a) I am not as militant about recycling as I could be (unlike Nat here), and b) I sometimes feel a bit sorry for all the rejected teddies there must be in the world, when teenagers the world over grow out of them and consign them to the attic/oxfam/bin. But then, I never had a pet as a child, which may explain this misplaced sentimentality. Either way, I liked the rest of his work, too.

If you
happen to find yourself out in Zone 20, you can go and check the show out this week.


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