‘Life in ADHD’ – New Book & TV Series (‘🤣 So true’ RORY BREMNER)

While writing a book about the comedy & horror of living with ADHD, I got distracted and made this comedy series about a lost dreamer with ADHD called Lola Mildew…

🍉 As featured in the Guardian and the finals of BBC New Comedy Awards 2021 🍉  ‘🤣 So true’ RORY BREMNER 🍉  ‘ “😆 “Funny AF! Fantastic creators” – The ADHD Gift  🍉  ‘Neurodivergent at its best. Lit dying.’ Youtube fan 🍉I feel so validated. Thank you,’ Facebook fan – A new series created by & starring Lorelei Mathias, Tristan Alice Nieto & Lauren Laroth… about the hilarity & horror of Adult ADHD…which sees ADHD-er and dreamer Lola Mildew try to do adulting in spite of her executive dysfunction, while her alter ego Prof Penny, PhDADhD, guides us through WTAF ADHD even is. Truly, the struggle is real.

Here is a 50 second teaser:

Here is a video of me & the director Lauren, introducing the video:

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Short on time or dopamine? Watch some of the modules/sketches below in 15 snack-ably inattentive parts. Press play on them all at once you’ll get to experience the cacophony of the ADHD brain 🙂 Second thoughts, don’t.

The 2021 World Championship Finding your oyster card under a whole host of sh*t….

Why we do a million things at once… The ADHD brain and the Pre-Frontal Vortex…
ADD? That’s not a thing, right?
What even is ADHD? It’s living without a bouncer, that’s what.
Meeting a friend later? Here’s what time you can expect them to arrive. Introducing ADHD Time (GMT +2)
The ADHD brain… as seen through the metaphor of an editing timeline. (TW) Editors, some scenes may be distressing.
Discover the real reason Einstein made up the theory of relativity…
Just in from the #ADHDictionary – the ABC of ADD: One of our many, many superpowers…
Just in from the #ADHDictionary – the ABC of ADD: The land of lost things… and why we are all broke cos of the ADHD Tax.
Just in from the #ADHDictionary – the ABC of ADD
F*ck my life… it’s the ADHD Hall of Shame
F*ck my life… it’s the ADHD Hall of Shame again
F*ck my life… it’s the ADHD Hall of Shame again – the inter-generational edition
Finally, here’s the original 2 minute short where all this mayhem began… ‘Russian Doll’. BBC New Comedy Awards 2021 – and Winner of Best Editing BCG Pro award at Comedy.co.uk

New #LifeInAdhd released every day/week/year (ish)

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