Lola is typing…

(Strap in!)

‘Creative Writing 2:1’ is a new 5 min comedy short about the horrors of modern love directed by Peter Lydon.

It stars Lola-  a hapless dreamer previously seen in LIFE IN ADHD (best web series nominee Edinburgh TV Fest New Voice Awards). In previous sketches we see her try to leave the house – ‘Filling’; try to meet a pal for a drink – ‘Russian Doll’; try to commute – ‘The World is not your oyster.’  In ‘Creative Writing’ we see her try to write a text. 

With Tik Tok/Linked in fave Rob Mayhew, Lou Taylor, Yasser Kayani, Ryan Duke, Jessica Chamberlain, writer Lorelei Mathias, Ch’lu (Camilla Mathias) and Tom Wragg. 

Thank you to David Reviews for this lovely 5 star review and for giving it pick of the day!

‘Pick of the day’, David Reviews

A Melon Comedy production

Written by: Lorelei Mathias Directed by, Story-edited, & Co-produced by: Peter Lydon

Starred: Lola: Lorelei Mathias Tutor: Ch’Lu (Camilla Mathias) Susan: Lou Taylor Alan: Tom Wragg Emily: Jessica Chamberlain Gabriel: Ryan Duke Yasser: Yasser Kayani Rob: Rob Mayhew

Cinematography: Matthew Riley Sound: Xan Marquez Camera Assist: James Abbott Editor: Elyse Raphael Online Editor: Ben Watson Sound Mixer: Ben Gulvin Colourist: Chris Bell Music: Sacha Puttnam Producers: Nicole Selwyn Lorelei Mathias Peter Lydon Exec Producer: Lorelei Mathias Additional dialogue: Peter Lydon & cast members Director: Peter Lydon

Thanks to Tony Hollingsworth, London Comedy Writers, Holly Hall & Jess Chamberlain, Emmy McMorrow, Lauren Laroth (Taylor)

More sketches at MelonComedy.com More Lola at Loreleimathias.com/LifeInADHD


Rare People Ed. 2: Lorelei Mathias

PUB LDN | Rare People

IntroducingRare People; a series where we will hear all about what the people of Publicis do when they’re not busy makingads.

Big shoutout to Wes for photos.

Lorelei Mathias, Senior Creative and talented Writer/Performer, is this week’s feature in the 2nd edition of Rare People around 82 Baker Street.

How did you first get interested in comedy?
In 1985, my brother had trouble saying my name so he called me Lol. I was five and about as funny as a cabbage, but the name stuck. Years later the internet happened and with it, chat-speak. Soon I was at pains to qualify every introduction with ‘it’s not because I think I’m funny’ as I was so shy!

It wasn’t until I was 25 and read the first reviews for my book that it occurred to me I actually mightbea bit funny. Reading that I was capable of making a…

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