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BBC Writers Room Long-listed 2018

Funny Women Awards Commended 2018

Chorts Comedy Festival Shortlisted 2018

Craft of Comedy Awards Shortlisted 2018 

Book Marketing Award Winner 2006

Lorelei is a comedy writer & creative director from London. She writes scripts, novels, & articles about people falling in love… and out again. She is founder of new cause-powered comedy collective, MelonComedy. and its sister brand @ LemonComedy.  Watch her new short about Plastic Pollution here:

Break-Up Club packshot.pngHer latest novel, (to the left, to the left) is published in the USA and UK with Avon/Harper Collins. It’s a romantic comedy about break-ups, starring four Londoners at the fag-end of their single years. It celebrates what becomes of the consciously-uncoupled, when they all consciously-uncouple at the same time, form a pathetic club (BUC), and fall head over heels for each other.
favicon lolPraise:  
‘Timely & noble’ – COMEDY CENTRAL (on her comedy)
‘A light-hearted read about the power of friendship, to see you through a tough time and out the other side,‘ Daily Mail

‘Sparky dialogue and a lovely depiction of friendship. I loved this!’ Katie Fforde

‘You’d be DAFT to miss out on this fab book – it’s blimmin’ marvellous! I LOVED it!’ Miranda Dickinson

‘Required reading for anyone who’s ever had their heart broken,’ Lucy Robinson


‘Loved @LoreleiMathias long awaited third novel.  Sharp, contemporary and original… Highly recommended.’  Phillipa Ashley

‘Amusing and evocative and well-written…delightful,’ David Lodge (on her non-fiction)

‘Has a knack of illustrating so beautifully those ludicrous comedic situations one sometimes finds themselves in.’ Amazon

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favicon lolFictional Lorelei:new-fictional-me-panel-inc-buc-sept-2016

favicon lolNon-Fictional Lorelei:nonfiction bookss banner

favicon lolComedy Lorelei:

🍈 melon comedy




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