A bit about me, in the third person, in that way these things are.

Katy Dutton Lorelei Mathias_ glasses_IMG_6782

Born in ‘Metroland’ to English and Romanian parents, she studied English & Philosophy at Birmingham University, then worked in London as a Copywriter in Publishing and Advertising – (taking ‘writing holidays’ at every opportunity.) Her first novel Step on it, Cupid, was published when she was 25, followed by Lost for Words. She is currently writing the TV pilot for her latest novel, as well as a comedy sketch show. As a member of the writers collective ’26’, she has had a poem exhibited at the V&A/Museum of Childhood, and a non-fiction chapter published in ‘Common Ground: Around Britain in 30 Writers.’ Credited as having one of the ‘best youtube trailers for a book, ever’ (this was back in 2006, there wasn’t much competition), she’s contributed to books and articles about online marketing for authors.

Her latest book was inspired by her experiences in an accidental break-up club of her own… which taught her that a break up shared, is a break up halved. One day she’d like to set up an official refuge for the broken-hearted, so that no one should ever have to go through one alone.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys making comedy sketches and short films, and asking people where the nearest lido is. She is named after a mythical German mermaid, which has recently begun to inform her writing a little…

Katy Dutton Lorelei Mathias_ life buoy option 2_IMG_6929

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