Author/Comedy Writer/Neurodivergent of East London… named after a much more famous mythical German mermaid, The Loreley. The Lorelei on the other hand was born  in poor man’s Amersham (Chesham) to English and Romanian parents. She studied English & Philosophy at Birmingham University, then worked in London as a Copywriter in Publishing and Advertising. Her first novel Step on it, Cupid, was published at 25, followed by Lost for Words. She is currently writing the TV pilot for her latest novel, as well as a comedy sketch show for her collective MelonComedy.  She has had a poem exhibited at the V&A/Museum of Childhood. Credited as having one of the ‘best youtube trailers for a book, ever’, she’s contributed to books and articles about online marketing for authors. Here’s an article she wrote about her book trailers for The Bookseller about a hundred years ago.

Her latest novel was inspired by her experiences in an accidental break-up club of her own… which taught her that a break up shared, is a break up halved. She’s currently writing a book and show about the hilarity and horror of living with Adult ADHD – a much misunderstood brain condition – which in daily life is as close as you can get to clowning without a Gaulier diploma. She has two shows in development for TV. For more about them head to fb.com/meloncomedy

OCT 2020 RUSSIAN DOLL_Melon Streaming Artwork Landscape.017

Here’s her new sketch – ‘Russian Doll’ – about a comedy character living with ADHD (impaired executive functioning)

And her latest comedy pilot, BATSHIT, which won ‘Best Un-commissioned Pilot’ at Edinburgh TV Festival, co-created with a team of talented comedians…

She’s also working on a documentary about outdoor swimming, off the back of an event she created called Splashmob Peckham. And she co-wrote this short drama film which has made grown men cry.

Katy Dutton Lorelei Mathias_ life buoy option 2_IMG_6929

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