I’ve written and directed various comedy shorts for my collective Melon Comedy, and have a comedy drama and sitcom pilot in the works. I’m also currently in the writers rooms for The Treason Show and

Click the tabs in the ‘Comedy Videos’ menu to watch a few of my favourite sketches I’ve written.

If you have 30 mins, this is my Edinburgh TV Festival nominated comedy pilot, BATSHIT – a sketch show about a crazy planet, made with a cast of talented comedians:

Or if you’ve only got a few mins, watch one of these:

‘The Litter Mermaid’:

I wrote and directed it in Melbourne about the insane plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. It’s another film under my umbrella channel Melon Comedy.

Here’s our very first short – about modern dating , called Ghoster Busters.


I’m also something of a book trailer geek, and have made one for each of my novels, which you can see in the menu links above. Here’s an article I wrote about book trailers for The Bookseller about a hundred years ago.

In terms of non-comedy writing,  I’m working on a documentary about outdoor swimming, off the back of an event I created called Splashmob Peckham. 

And I co-wrote this short film which has made grown men cry.