Rekindle your love of books

I know these days everyone’s into tablets and readers and ebooks. And that yes, they have their obvious advantages. But I’ve still not got one for various reasons (one, I like to scribble in the margins, two I like a book you can smell and three, I don’t trust myself not to end up starting 147 books at once, the temptation would be too much).

So as a devout old-skool book lover (OK luddite) I wanted to share these two wonderful examples of unabashed book porn, which prove that as heavy and un-eco-friendly they may be, books still are beautiful objects.

This lovely film from Toronto, the Joy of Books. And bookshelfporn (thanks Donnadoescopy for finding it).

Alternatively you can be like this pair who I spotted on the beach in Mexico, and travel 2 thousand miles to some of the world’s most beautiful coastland, to stare at a screen.

On a similarly bookish note, I’m delighted to see that Waterstones have come to their senses and snapped out of all that sans serif nonsense. You can read a friend’s interesting blog about this, brilliant new film The Artist, and the transition from old and new technology here.


6 thoughts on “Rekindle your love of books

  1. In this case, miscommunication gets in the way of simplicity. Why didn’t anyone tell CCTV controller that the officer on patrol was plain-clothed? You can’t blame telephones, emails or human error as being ‘complex’ either. Better, less distracting and complex analogies, Dave, for what is a sound point.


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