London Underground wants your lines.

TFL is working on its next round of lovely poetic posters to encourage us all to behave like evolved human beings. You know, the ones that politely suggest we please refrain from scoffing stinky kebabs on the tube, and to for gods sake turn those down wretched headphones…but in a slightly nicer, more charming way.

But this time they’ve opened them up for the public to write.

Of course, we are up to our ears in TV ads which have an amateur poem for a voiceover. But we think you can never have enough poetry in a poster.

So, to all creatives with a repressed Gordon Comstock inside of them – give it your best shot.

The winning poem will not only end up on posters right across the network, but the winning lines will feature in the cartoons too.

McBess_Create your own poster_v1_3e752729-142f-4365-bd76-e9868c55172c
Via Poet of Adland, Rishi Dastidar, whose own effort bears repeating here:

“On the escalator, don’t stop on the left

As those walking down will be bereft.

You won’t have to do anything grand:

Just move to the right if you’d like to stand.”



Never, in the history of the world has there been a more urgent need to employ a namer.

You might have heard already, but Google have unleashed their version of Spotify onto the world.

Apparently it’s a worthy contender, from a technical point of view.

The only snag is, it’s got A NAME THAT IS FOUR WORDS LONG. Here it is. When you’ve got five minutes, why not sit down and have a read of it…

Google’s new music offering is called GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC ALL ACCESS.

Surely there is a better name. Something snappier, less convoluted and nerdy? Something that sounds less like, I don’t know, like you’re choking on the trouble-shooting section of an instruction manual?! Maybe one of the naming wizards out there could help them with a new name? Or a budding placement team perhaps? I did love you once, Google…