A tiny url


I recently bought a dove shower-gel miniature on the sole grounds  that it was cute.

As veteran readers of this blog may remember, I (lol) am rather fond of things that play with scale.

My sister sent me this today – three tiny films from Rushes that show off their CGI skills.

They are short, sweet and reminiscent of Slinkachu (if his people could walk and talk, that is).

Watch them here: http://vimeo.com/89289579





Worried how you’re going to get to work in August?


It’s OK.

TFL are on the case.


Snail Rail


More fabulous new work here from Slinkachu, the God of Small People.

If you love things that play with scale like this then you might also be interested in Twinny Jewellery – it’s Slinkachu meets Tatty Devine, and it’s ruddy brilliant.


This, on the other hand is Slinkachu meets Nigella. Tiny people, living in food. How long before Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli‘s work gets used in an ad, I wonder…



(Thanks Stuart for spotting it)



Aardman, the god of small things

This is just wonderful. If you like Slinkachu then chances are you’ll love this as much as we do.

Dot is a short video featuring the world’s smallest stop-motion animation character. It was created by Sumo Science at Aardman Animations using a Nokia N8 cellphone equipped with a CellScope microscope attachment.