‘Til death do us apart

Not all relationships last forever. But sometimes it’s nice when you find one that will stand the test of time. Two people that were just destined to be together. Romeo & Juliet.  Sam & Shish. Salt & Pepper. Clearly, we’re over-thinking it. They’re just condiments, not little people.

But when I bought this couple in Nice a while ago, it got me wondering, what other famous couples are there in the world of inanimate objects? The Knife and fork? (Although the spork confuses things. Is it the hermaphrodite of the cutlery world?) Fish and Chips? Beans on Toast? Gin and Tonic…

On another note, perhaps the seasoned stars above should be used in the latest Food Standards reduce your salt intake ads? We could follow the relationship break-down as salt suffers a stroke from eating too much of the white stuff? Or watch salt have an affair with vinegar, before it all turns sour as he suffers from heart disease?

We all know the anthropomorphizing thing has been done to death. But last week we went to a ‘neuro-marketing’ lecture entitled ‘Advertising at the Frontiers of Consciousness’, Among various sinister things in the vein of Minority Report, we learned that humans actually find characters more memorable than anything else, for some deep-rooted psychological reasons. So turning things into people is actually smarter than you’d think. Think Smash Martian, The Honey Monster, the Meerkat, and 118 118 (which was apparently actually briefed in with neurological reseach to back this up – which was how they got to the runners.) Food for, um, thought then.



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