The Adam and Joe Tweet Show

Two of our funnymen here at Glue, Adam Bright and Joe Burke and have taken it upon themselves to dream up fictional tweets from footballer Dimitar Berbatov.

What started out as a bit of idle fun in between design jobs has now got them legions of fans and stupid amounts of PR.

Turns out they’re unsung comic geniuses. So today, now that they’ve just gone past 1021 followers mark, we say well done to them, and implore you to follow Dimi and his fictional tweets.

Here’s one: “Annoying… Artichoke hearts burnt and thatchers malted over my eames chair.”

Oh and the biog’s funny too – ” I’m Dimitar Berbatov, Gentleman first, footballer second.”

What’s pretty cool is that Adam says he got sent the link to it by someone at work today – who had no idea Adam is in fact one of the scribes behind it. Isn’t that the true definition of viral, when you get sent your own work back? Either way, I wonder what the real Dimitar would say about it…?!

I guess the only logical thing would be to retaliate with a fictional Adam or Joe twitter, but I imagine he’s too busy for that…




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