Mute-resistant commercials?

Someone at Glue sent this around today, It’s terrifying.

“CHICAGO—The Leo Burnett advertising agency announced Tuesday that a McDonald’s spot set to air during the upcoming May sweeps will be the first mute-resistant commercial in television history. The ad reportedly uses a new technology that disables a TV’s volume-reduction functions, creating a “new kind of listening space” for advertisers to communicate with audiences. “Viewers can try pressing the mute button, but if they do, it will actually double the volume at which they hear the latest ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ jingle,” CEO Tom Bernardin said. “We already have six more clients signed on to use this exciting marketing tool during the season finale of Lost.”
Rival agency Draftfcb is reportedly developing a technology of its own that will remotely turn on a television and adjust the channel seconds before a commercial airs. ”

What’s next, a TV ad that takes control of the remote and changes channels to when your brand is airing an ad? Or an ad where a man steps out of the TV and into your living room, kidnaps you, gaffer tapes your mouth, dumps you in the boot, drives you to the shops, drags you to the aisle and points a gun at your head until you pay for the product?

Yes, it is interesting technology, but thank god it’s only a joke, found on The Onion. Gaffer tape man hasn’t arrived just yet.


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