DIY Eat Natural ads…innovative or lazy?

Ages ago we found this in a newspaper, and wanted to say something about it.

Doritos ‘make your own TV ad’ thing seemed to work really well as a way
of engaging with its target audience, but this just feels a little bit
transparent and/or charmless… ‘We couldn’t think of what to say. You do
it.’ The body copy is also punctuated a bit oddly (she says with her
pedant hat on) – e.g. ‘Give us a taste of the kind of stuff, you think,
we should be telling people about Eat Natural bars.’

we’re wrong, but surely the average consumer would just look at this
and say ‘why should I?’. There’s no incentive. Not even a life supply
of Eat Natural (is that an incentive?). It’s a good move asking your consumers what they think, but didn’t their mums ever ask them to
say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’? Either way we wonder how it went down –
have they got lots of free market research out of it, and have they got
their next ad campaign ready made?



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