Our own magic eye? No it’s just an i-nigmatic new-fangled mobile telephony 3-D barcode gadget for our website

Right so we’re not entirely sure how this works, but it’s all part of a brand new, edge-cutting, (we’re told) new way of enticing people onto websites via their mobiles. In case you didn’t already know, t’s called a 3D barcode. If you’d like to know more about how it works and download the software (without it you’re scuppered), it’s all explained here.

The Sun have been getting involved with it and using it in some print ads I think, but other than that, most people we’ve talked to about it haven’t heard of it yet. The IT man here at BMB says that although it’s been going for 3 years in Japan, it’s not really taken off here yet.

Anyway, in theory, what happens is that you download this software to your phone. Then you should be able to take a picture of this barcode on your cameraphone, and it will take you automatically to our website. If it works let us know, we’ll be amazed.



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