World, meet Donna

Donna Amey
is incapable of writing a dull sentence.

Over the last two years as Glue’s sparky receptionist, every email she ever sent out brought tidings of joy and amusement to those who read them. Whether it was about Rexel staplers, the sandwich man or the bike-shed combination, she found a way to squeeze humour into it.

So good was her e-oeuvre that at one point, some of us in the creative department staged a small intervention and informed her that if she didn’t start trying to become a copywriter then it would be nothing short of a dastardly crime against the whipple-squeezing community.

I’m delighted to say that from tomorrow, she will be hanging up her reception heels and entering the land of copy, in true Peggy Olsen style. Please make her feel welcome.

Amazingly, because she is still a relative newbie, she is offering her services for free, which you’ll see in her Try Before You Buy’ site. For someone with her natural talent, this is nothing short of a steal.

So, if you’re in need of someone to inject some humour and life into some otherwise inert copy, then you know who to call. She’s also a bleedin’ lovely lass too.

Now, from the Glue archives, we bring you this classic email from Donna. As ever, we salute her ability to bridge the chasm between office-hygiene and light entertainment.

Date: Thursday, 25 November 2010 15:39

Subject: Tidy Desk Competition

This week the Tidy Desk standard has been encouraging. It is a joy to see the individual touches that some of you bring to your personal spaces. A plant here, and a natty pencil pot there- don’t be afraid to let your individuality shine through. The standard has been very high and the nominations have been flooding in, so this week there will be two Tidy Desk Competition winners.
The first winner is a Tidy Desk improver. Gone are the days where his desk was covered in paper and worries, he has recently created a clear space for his head, and his pencil. This Tidy Desk Winner has adopted a minimal approach to his workspace, the mock pine table top needs no extra decoration other than a few choice stickers and a bottle of antibacterial spray at the ready for any emergency spillages. Congratulations


This weeks second Tidy Desk Competition winner is a consistent example. With his desk in prime position by the kitchen, what better way to spend the three minutes it takes for the kettle to boil than to glance at his desk in awe of his right angled haven. This man’s passion for cleaning even extended to the wider office area where he was earlier spotted wiping the kitchen surfaces down. This is a man who wears his OCD on his sleeve. Well done


Please be sure to congratulate both of the winners and take a moment to walk past their desks for Tidy Desk Competition inspiration.

Donna Does Copy


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