Mustn’t Grumble: Introducing The First World Problem Jar

One of the best virals we’ve seen recently is this.

It’s so good that Nat and I created a real ‘first world problem jar’ in its honour out of a Cadbury’s eggbox. Here she is, next to Billy the Sellotape Dispenser.

So for the last few weeks, every time we find ourselves doing a first world moan, we put money in the moany box. Anyone in the office is allowed to enter. Then every few months, we count up the money and pay it in directly to

Here are just a few of the RIDICULOUS AND ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE first world moans that we have overheard here in these four walls.

I hate when…The fruit’s delivered late.

I hate that….Not one of the brands of staples in this building actually FIT the staplers. So when using them, they’re all that tiny bit too large and get stuck. (something we often find ourselves moaning about when trying to extrapolate a bent stapler from a finger and/or an A4 page.)

I hate that…Since we moved desks, we now have to walk ALL THE WAY UPSTAIRS to go to the loo.

And finally; this one is the absolute worst. The other day ‘some creatives’ went for a wrap lunch at one of the ‘trendiest’ restaurants in london, and ordered a celebratory Bellini. It came in a common-or-garden tumbler shaped glass and everyone couldn’t help being disappointed that it wasn’t in an ACTUAL champagne glass?

Unacceptable. Rest assured that everyone involved has now sufficiently off-set their pathetic whines!

If you find yourself doing a first world moan – whether aloud or internally – we’d be happy to help absolve you.

You can now donate in a virtual capacity by commenting or tweeting @loreleimathias and I’ll put some coins in for you.

That’s right, I have finally given in and joined the tweeting masses. If you’re so inclined you can follow my ramblings of little consequence here.



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