The Gun Report 2011

So it’s that time of year again when agencies from around the globe flex their muscles, show off their might and win big in The Gunn Report.

Congratulations to all the winners, in particular M & C for the wonderful Dixons print campaign, and to TBWA/HuntLascaris for The Zimbabwean. Two of our favourite ads of the last year, for what it’s worth.

Pedants among you will have noticed the typo in today’s heading.

Actually not a typo, but an idea we had in one of our sillier moments.

We give you… The Gun Report.


The only independent report on muscular excellence in advertising.

The industry’s chance to show off who has packed the biggest punch in 2010. Who muscled in on the most New Biz. And so on, puns ad finitum…

Picture it now. The Gun Report could be a place where you get to show off your agency’s most muscly man. I’m looking at you, Mauro Rodriguez. And you, Elliot Ryan. Simply upload your picture, or nominate a friend.

Then, depending on the response, there could be a topless photo-shoot (any thumb-twiddling photographers, apply within).

And the end result? An official Gun Report Annual – sorting the scrawny from the brawny. Proceeds could go to NABS, the History of Advertising Trust, or some other worthy cause.

It’s either a rubbish pun or a fun way to see us through the arse-end of winter.

What do you think?

To start things off, our PA here at Glue, Tony Samways, has offered to be the face of it.

Can your agency beat them?

If you want to get involved please send your pics to and we’ll put the best ones up.



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