Cannes Collaborations

Following on from our last blog about Cannes, we started thinking what people that want to break into the industry could do in Cannes to make themselves known…

There are so many people out there with amazing talents, maybe they
could collaborate with the big organisers to make an impression?

So here are some thoughts.

1) Designers and illustrators that want to be known by creatives and directors could collaborate with the big events on the beach and make the parties more visually interesting.

2) Up and coming photographers that want to be known by creatives could collaborate with party organizers and offer to take amazing pics of everyone and upload them for free.

3) Up and coming bands and composers that want their music used in TV Ads could play live gigs at the pool parties or on the beach in the afternoon?

4) Designers and illustrators could collaborate with creatives to design their business cards for them. That way the illustrators get their work seen by other creatives and on the flip side the creatives cards look better.

Basically, it’s an ad festival – but maybe there are loads of untapped opportunities to advertise yourself.


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