Run away with the circus

Last night a friend and I went to the Peacock Theatre in
Holborn. We saw an incredible acrobatic performance called ‘Traces’. (I’d thoroughly
recommend it as an alternative Valentines date if you’re stuck for ideas. It was so great, there was even a standing ovation…

Traces is performed by a French-Canadian dance company called ‘Les
Doigts de le Main’ and is a high energy show, that combines the urban elements of skateboarding and basketball with traditional acrobatics and contemporary dance. It is all set to an incredible soundtrack that ranges from hip-hop to rock ‘n’ roll and blues.

The performance consists of  four men and one woman, all in their 20’s. (They have been training together since they were 8 years old) Each
character reveals its personality through
a series of high-risk acrobatic moves, films, illustrations and intimate monologues.

The characters range from the cool, good looking one who says he’s given
up smoking, but still has the odd one when he’s drinking…. eating…. and in the
morning, to the geeky character who
loves cereal (cocoa
pops being his number one).
And then there’s the girl. The beautiful bendy French girl,
who seems more malleable than plasticine.

I have never seen such a talented  bunch of 20 year olds in my life. I left the theatre
wishing that I had joined the circus when I was young. ……..Maybe it’s not too late..

If you see me back flipping around the bbh or balancing on Lol’s head
with one arm, you’ll know why.




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