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  Hello, hello

Thanks for stopping by. I write novels about people falling in love, among other things.

My first book had a very pink cover and was called Step on it, Cupid. Then a year later came Lost For Words; a romantic comedy set in a publishing house.

Since then I've been busy writing a few other things - everything from short films to adverts, from poems to post-it notes... but finally, the difficult third novel has arrived! I bring you, Reader, I Dumped Him - A love story about break-ups.

It’s about four Londoners at the fag-end of their twenties. It celebrates what becomes of the consciously-uncoupled, when they happen to all consciously-uncouple at the exact same time…. end up forming a slightly pathetic club, and fall head over heels with each other. You can read and watch all about it here.

For now, feel free to have a look around... watch some movies....read the news... or look at my blog.

You'd be DAFT to miss out on this fab book - it's blimmin' marvellous! I LOVED it!
Miranda Dickinson

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