any ideas?

This is a sweet idea for when you’re stuck for them. At first we thought it might be a stunt for an agency, but they really do email you ideas. Actual thoughts which appear to have been crafted by humans. No idea who is generating these faceless nuggets but it’s fun. Does anyone know who is churning them out? how big is the team? is it one guy bored in his data-entry job? Is it 50 people in a shed? Or is it students, compiling data on how lazy creatives are getting these days?

In order to shed some light on this we gave it a try. In our post lunch lull we tried it on a TV brief and it was a bit random with what it came up with… a little too specific somewhow. see if you have more luck.

what’s nice is the disclaimer – ‘there’s no copyright on this site whatsoever – it’s just another idea.’