Hungry for the weekend

We stumbled across a fantastic recipe site this week whilst working on a brief, and what a happy stumble that was.

In case you need some inspiration for what to cook this weekend, or you love a bit of food porn, gojee is really worth a look.

It’s a food and drink recipe aggregator with absolutely luscious photography. But there’s a lot more to it.

As a site it’s very smart. You can filter your recipe searches by a variety of means. Tell them the types of food you hate and it won’t ever show you recipes with them in. Or, if you love something and have a glut of it in the fridge, it’ll show you ingredient-focused recipes.

It’s the same for the drink section of the site. Tell them what booze you have in the house or what you dislike and it’ll filter the restuls.

Or alternatively, go virgin and search for healthy juices and smoothies.

As well as the stunning images and intuitive way of searching the other thing that stands out is the tone of voice. For a foodie site, it’s really quirky.

When I was hovering over whether to join it said ‘we swear on our finest bottle of scotch that we won’t spam you.’ Brilliant. Then instead of ‘click here to join’ it just said ‘indulge’.

And when I was waiting for a page to load a silly little comment about not trusting men that eat skinny ice cream popped up.

You can also add in your supermarket loyalty card so it knows what you’ve got in stock. Very clever.

Here are some of the delectable pages…

That’s all. See you later aggregator.


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