Day 14 in the BMB House

So, we’re into our third week at Beattie McGuinness Bungay now, and there are a few more things to add to the things we love:

1) The Bullshit pig – If in a meeting people use management speak they have to put a whole pound in the pig shaped money box. We love the fact they are so aware of how many cringe inducing phrases are out there and ban all their staff from committing vocal sins. This is an issue very close to our heart, as the one or two avid readers among you may recall, when we brought out our  adland bingo game.

2) The Fish Tank – Each member of staff gets to choose a fish to go in the tank. It was very fun choosing. The lady organizing it had to research which breeds of fish got on with each other, because otherwise they might kill each other and it might freak people out if one day they come in and someone has murdered them. (also might bode ill for the agency’s current happy family image).

3) When you send an email, it sounds like a little rocket is taking off, personally delivering your mail to someone by a carrier pigeon with a rocket up its arse.

4) In the building where the Design department lives, they have an intercom button for Wernham Hogg. Are they REALLY based there? If so maybe we will go and put Gareth’s stapler in jelly again.

5) Staff Silhouettes. The Incredible paper artist Megumi is soon going to be cutting out black paper portraits of every member of staff to hang on the entrance hall. (She’s pretty famous, and counts Rolf Harris and Paul Daniels in her oeuvre).

6) Free Booze. It’s like being in Mad Men, but with Corona and Grolsch instead of whisky. The bar which we sit next to is always open and there are no fridge keys in sight.

7) Free Food. Well, OK. This is an exaggeration. Every day just outside the office, a pizza company gives away free samples of pizza to lure in customers. They’re just the right size to keep you going until you get home for dinner. The tray people haven’t yet clocked we’re rather frequent visitors. Soon we are going to have to don a hat and sunglasses.

8 ) Free Money. BMB has a new initiative called ‘The Money Tree’. You present an idea to the BMB dragons and if they like your idea they give you a grand to make it. So Lol has been working hard on her Niche Quiche business, whilst I have been thinking of how I can bring my celebrity headed loo-brushes to life.

Talking of celebrities, you may spot one in this, if you look closely. It’s a new campaign to promote local grass roots cricket, which NatWest are the sponsors of. It was done by the team behind the award winning binge drinking campaign, the lovely and talented eggs.


6 thoughts on “Day 14 in the BMB House

  1. For some reason the number 6 above has become an inexplicable sunglasses-clad emoticon. 

    I’d just like to point out that this is not intentional, and that I’ve tried to amend this freakishness but there’s nothing doing. Please make it stop?! Gord? Rich? (thanks for your on-going commitment to our technical support needs)


  2. Hi Milan! Could you really bear to put Beyonce’s lovely head down the loo? I kind of thought it might work better for the less popular celebrities out there. Simon Cowell, Jeremy Kyle and the likes. But I’ll keep her in mind for the next line. Thanks for the suggestion,
    Nat x


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