Muchas gracias for all your delectable entries to the Win a Placement at BMB with some Tapas Competition.

Clearly five seconds is a trickily small canvas, so it’s been really interesting to see what has come out of it.

Everything from ‘VineBooks’ to comic strips, to canape-sized portfolio cut-downs, from one-line strategies, to punchy team idents.

It was actually pretty hard to decide on one winner. So at the risk of going a bit X-Factor, we have managed to whittle it down to five finalists. In no particular order, the teams staying in the competition are:

Richard Biggs

Celine & Christopher

Adam & Gurter

Andres & Elson

Barry & Lukas

Thank you all very much for all your work, it’s been lots of fun. We’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday. In the mean time here are some of your best bits.

Perhaps if you feel strongly one way or the other you could vote accordingly in the comments boxes. If not, we’ll be back with the results after a short break.

Thank you!


1. Richard Biggs’ strategies 

Alpen: tastes like you’ll live longer

Co-op bank: where Jesus would bank

Colgate: your teeth are the best business card


2. Celine & Christopher’s @Five Second Book (Click here to watch, or see highlights below)



3. Adam & Gurter’s Five Second Book:


4. Barry + Lukas’s taster plate (click below to play their video)

5: Andres & Elson’s five second book of strategies

(well, frankly your list was only five seconds if you’re E.T. but we’ve let you off because they’re so good):

Early Learning Centre: Make up for nature

Rymans: Your other source of office supplies

Ariel: Clothes insurance

Monster.com: In case your dad doesn’t ‘know someone’

BMW: Being hated isn’t that bad

Radox: Clear recent history

Discovery Channel: A gap year without alcoholism






Hello and thank you all so much for your amazing entries to the Win a placement at BMB competition.

We’ve had some good and bonkers entries so far.

You have until the end of tomorrow (friday 5th april) to show us how hungry you are by sending in your best creative tapas for the inattentive generation.

In plain english, that means, 5 second one-off ideas or 5 second portfolios or vinebooks – whichever way you choose to interpret it….!

Send your ideas to: Nathalie.turton@bmbagency.com or Lorelei.mathias@bmbagency.com

Yours peckishly,

Lol & Nat x

* Month runs from Mon 22nd April – 17th May



In the month when Trev controversially sounded the death knell of the 30 second ad, and announced that only 5 second ideas will survive in this ‘tapas generation’ we have decided to award a 4 week placement here at BMB* to the creative team that can come up with the best ‘5 second’ portfolio.

Send your ideas to: Nathalie.turton@bmbagency.com or Lorelei.mathias@bmbagency.com

* Month runs from Mon 22nd April – 17th May