Don’t say cheese.

The ‘Campaign pose’ is one of the things we love about Campaign. Everyone always looks so darn professional and terrifying. This might be down to the fact that no one EVER smiles.  It’s amazing how ‘doing a Campaign pose’ has actually become a term in itself.

What I also love about the photographs is that you can guarantee there’ll either be an obscure prop in there or that the subject will be shot at some power enhancing angle.

Last Friday, JT, one of the account directors here at Glue decided it was time to do a parody, so embarked on a little personal project of his own called ‘ Campaigners’.

Using our new offices in Great Portland Street as his backdrop, JT managed (as every good Campaign photo should) to transform Glue’s friendly account team into ‘game changing’ advertising superstars.

Just look at those ‘I’ve made it’ eyes….

Jude Law * – Account Director

* (Andrew Bannister)

Cordelia Price – Account Manager

Holly’s gone full Sorrell here. Holly Maguire – Group Account Director

Leigh Goodwin –  Account Manager

Tom Sneddon – Account Manager

Alex Jena – Account Manager

Simon Walton – Account Manager

Will Walsh – Account Manager

Want to see more ‘faces to watch’? Click here for the rest of the series. Some are so realistic, they don’t even seem ironic.

If you’d like a Campaign power shot for your mum’s mantelpiece,  just email JT at

Or if you decide to do your own Campaign parody, please send us the photos. ( We’ll put the best ones up on the blog. ( We may even put one of Lol and I up if it’s good!)


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