“Can I cash in this cheque please?”



So last week we heard that we won the Campbell Lace Beta Comment Competition. Hooray. Thank you kindly if you voted for us. We thought James Mitchell’s blog pastiche was awesome, and Matt Winn’s Downfall parody had us in bits. But we’re chuffed to have won. It literally could not have come at a better time finance-wise… So, thanks very much. We still no idea who this mysterious Danny Walsh is though???! Does anyone?

Anyway, last wednesday was the Beta party, where we were presented with our prize; our very own gargantuan oversized cheque.

But then we were given the choice between the cash or the men. It was a tough dilemma, but we chose the
cash. No offense Hanzel and Sven. But keep drinking those protein shakes lads, they’re working.

Taking our 6ft cheque home was interesting. We were stopped quite a few times in Carbaby Street by passers-by wondering what we had won. And we had some minor difficulties boarding the bus home.

Thank you Robert and Garry for bringing a line in our second film to life. Although, we’re having a little trouble getting the cheque to clear – they said it will take between 400 and 500 working days. Ba doom ching.



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