What’s the opposite of No Logo?

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to see a retrospective by H5 at the BFI, as part of the One Dot Zero festival. One of the films that really stood out was ‘Logorama’.  Perhaps you’ll have seen it when RSA last came in to show you reels, but if you didn’t then you’re in for a treat.

It’s like some sort of Kleinian nightmare. A  world where everything – everything, down to the smallest detail – is a famous logo.  Ronald McDonald plays the lead role, staring as a homicidal maniac. His fellow actors include Mr Pringle, Michelin man, Haribo Kid, the MGM lion and even the Glazier mint polar bear. To name but a few.

Then, as the initially joyous brandscape suddenly turns in on itself and erupts into an apocalyptic earthquake, you can’t help thinking the whole thing is a massive, unbridled attack on capitalism. 

Once the raputurous applause had subsided, H5 came on to do a Q & A. One thing that was hard to believe is that they made the entire thing without getting any permission from any of the many brands featured. In fact, they have now received complaints from a certain brand that they weren’t included in it!

It took four years to make, at a cost of £200,000. Ironically, when they started making the film all those years ago, they had no idea that the world would be drowning in global recession by the
time it was released. ‘No, but  we were lucky,’ laughs Hose, one of the
H5 creators.

When asked if they’d consider making a feature out of it, they declined. ‘It has to be strong and short. So that you wish to see it again and again.’ It’s certainly that.

At the end of the Q & A, H5 hinted that they might be nearing the end of their time together. They’ve some incredible films in their reel – ‘The Child’ which later ‘inspired’ that vodafone ad; and a brilliant Royksopp video among them. But with Logorama, they’ve certainly gone out with a bang.



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