As wedding invites go

I (lol) think this is definitely one of the cooler ones. It may be just because I write romantic novels, but I can’t help loving this.



One thought on “As wedding invites go

  1. I understand Steve’s remarks, it is however a sign of the times sadly.
    When we worked together at GGT and subsequently became competitors (HHCL and Simons Palmer) we operated with independent spirits and overall I would argue the outcomes were pretty well up the scale on worthy efforts. Standing for something is a polarising position to take, people (clients) for you and against you as Mr. W. Bernbach once said. We could afford to take such a position given our independence.
    In large organisations this is not encouraged, just the opposite. Today we have large organisations dominating the wider advertising world. Even thought this doesn’t sit comfortably with people from a more feisty background it is however understandable.
    And I think the majority of the trail blazers eventually became seen as loose cannons when they were acquired and gobbled up by the mega groups.
    I think the good news is the proposed merger of Omnicom and Publicis will open the door for a new breed of chancers, trying to offer an alternative to the risk averse corporate types.
    The reason is quite clear as more and more brand owners will seek out smart and talented people who can deliver distinctive and talked about creative thinking.
    Steve referred to literature, my contribution is Animal Farm as I have always thought it could have been written about the advertising industry.  


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