The Breakfast Club

On the day when the great John Hughes, director of one of my favourite films sadly passed away, Nat and I went to the Campbell Lace Beta Breakfast Club for Campaign bloggers and commenters. It was great fun, the food was delicious and we learned many things.

One, that you don’t need a fancy sign above the door to open an agency. Two, that Campbell Lace have a row of awesome little thinking pods, where, once installed, you’re on full display to all Carnaby shoppers while you brainstorm. And three, that ‘thumbs up’ and ‘double thumbs up’ are now back in fashion – according to fellow ex-BBHer, Mark Threlfall (pictured in action).

Thanks very much for having us guys. Nice to meet you in person!

And good to put a face to a name with Campaign’s Colin, our long-suffering web-editor, who has been there for us in times of techno-mares for over a year now (6th pic down on the left).


P.s. Does Barry Manilow know that you raid his wardrobe?


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