Blotters at the ready? Let’s play Adland Bingo

We’ve both worked in advertising for about 7 years, and as much as we love it, we’re also often struck by how certain phrases and ways of thinking that – although they sound like a comic parody of themselves and/or script fodder for Nathan Barley – still get used day in day out. It’s funny how even though some agencies are so different, the vernacular is exactly the same.

The more we became aware of this, the more Adland Bingo began to form. Without realising, we’ve been playing it in our heads for some time. We often find ourselves swallowing a smile or sharing a look of amusement across the table when one of these cliches raises its ugly head.

What’s more shocking is when you actually catch yourself saying one of these horrendous phrases or ideas. You become someone you don’t recognise. For example the other day Lol actually said ‘… we’re on the same page…’ I almost vomited.

So it’s with tongues in our cheek that we give you ‘Adland Bingo’ – compiled with love after working in lots of agencies. (It goes without saying that ‘Adland’ in itself is yet another cliche.)

See how your agency fares, and let us know which – if any – other cliche you would like to see in place of the question mark.



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