Signs that massively overclaim: episode one

I (Lol) saw this ages ago and my friend mark and I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept imagining tiny, minute matresses for borrowers people – and gargantuan ones befitting the Grand Canyon. I know it’s infantile at best but it got me starting this collection. I just love shop signs that are needlessly, shamelessly hyperbolic. It’s another one of my occupational hazards as a copywriter – a mild obsession with lexical ambiguity.

The other day I saw a take-away pizza shop in highbury that said ‘Britain’s Smartest Pizza’.
What an odd claim to make. Do you care about the IQ of your four-seasons?
Saying that, I went back to take a picture for it for my collection and
the shop seemed to have vanished, which says a lot. Either I dreamed
it, or those genius pepperoni people are out of business already.

Why do businesses feel the need to dress their windows in such bizarre exaggerations? Don’t the ASA have to assess them first? And if anyone has any other gems, feel free to share.






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