Suicide Brides

For years, while working in various agencies, we’ve been walking past this upmarket looking bridal shop and wanting to holler, ‘cheer up, love. This is meant to be the happiest day of your life!’

Why, in the name of Cupid are they all looking so bloody maudlin?’ Have they been jilted? Surely that’s not a good advert for their dresses if they have? Buy our wedding dresses – the perfect look for a life of pain and heartbreak. Or perhaps they’re miserable with hunger after the gruelling low-carb wedding dress diet? Or, are they thinking about their first love, the one that got away, and thinking they’ve made a horrible mistake?? Either way we’re wondering what the window dressers were thinking; and whether it helps or hinders sales.



On a happier note, there’s a prize for the first person who can name which bridal shop this is. Clue: it’s in central London, near lots of ad agencies. 


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