What’s in a name? Snozzcumber Vs. Whipple Squeezer

Well hello. Here we are in our post-cannes, post young-lions after life blog. We’ve grown out of our ‘Young’ prefix and we’re now officially Old – heck, I’m almost 28, this is deeply depressing. Perhaps what’s more depressing is that I just said Heck.

Anyway, after a small facebook poll, we have settled on Whipple Squeezer rather than the nostalgic Snozzcumber for our Post-Cannes-cyber-geek-blog identity. If you massively disagree with this verdict then please write in to the usual address.

Moving forward, (on a go-forward basis), we’ll be using this space to talk about all sorts of advertising and non-advertising related random thoughts that no longer have to be about Cannes or La Vie en Rosé. From stationery fetishes to nostalgic crisp packets from 1987 (whispa, eat your heart out), we’ll be rambling about a whole mix of stuff. Some of it will relate in a non-tenuous way, to advertising, and to the on-going crusade against Mr Whipple. We hope none of it will seem like self-indulgent twoddle. But it is a blog, so we’ll just have to see. L & N x


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