T-Shirts don’t get tighter than this


A Spanish fashion designer has created the worlds first ever spray on T-shirt. (Thanks to Dave Raffell for spotting it)

Apparently it can be worn, washed and worn again. Might take quite a while getting ready in the morning though.

“The spray
consists of short fibres that are mixed into a solvent. The fibres are mixed
with polymers that bind them together to form a fabric.” It even wrinkles up, like a fabric would, once sprayed on.

It comes in lots of different colours, and you can even spray on wool, linen or acrylic fibers.

I’m not sure how useful it is for clothes, but as it says in the Guardian blog, it’s perfect for providing spray-on bandages without
applying any pressure for soothing burnt skin.

People often say put a T-shirt on in the sun, maybe now you can spray one out of your Nivea Sun Lotion!