Goodbye Sherlock, Hello Shard

I’ve just been for a run along the beach in my lunch hour. No, we haven’t moved to LA. Just to the South Bank, to AMV’s lovely new beach-side offices.*

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AMV BBDO moved house last month, from where they’ve lived in Marylebone, NW1 for fifteen years, to a shiny new place in SE1 with a swanksville terrace. Here is the swanksville view from the terrace.



Because we’re lucky enough to be working here, we were lucky enough to move with them. It’s a brilliantly creative new area to work in. Sometimes, down by the Tate Modern there is even a man with a typewriter, bashing out literature while you wait, which is always nice.


*You might say the phrase ‘beach-side’ is a bit of an over-claim. Not so, if the amazing architects Octopi get their way and the Blackfriars Baths open at the end of 2016…unnamed (2)


There is a brilliant young placement team here at AMV, called Oli and Josie.

We’ve been fans of theirs ever since we saw their spec ‘Micro-tipsy’ campaign for Becks.

But now they have made a very witty

It takes random words, music and pictures to generate a guaranteed Grand Prix winner.

You can then share a link to your project for the judge’s consideration, which people have started doing on Twitter.

Bonnes Chances, one and all.

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