Fall In Love With The Museum of Broken Relationships


From a singular smelly sneaker, to a half-completed Sodoku puzzle book, my fictional characters would have gladly donated their break-up debris to the Museum of Broken Relationships. But when I first wrote the first draft of ‘Break Up Club’, there was no such thing. So the Club had to make do with building a bonfire that led to the fire brigade being called out, and almost being thrown in jail.

Luckily, now there’s a real place you can send your break-up detritus (date-tritus, anyone?). I was lucky enough to go to the sneak preview ahead of its opening today, June 4th, at 6751 Hollywood Boulevard.*

#BrokenshipsLA is a cathedral of catharsis, where only the brave have shed their most intimate, sentimental memories, and laid their broken dreams to rest. Reading the plaques, the relief is palpable. You get a real sense of these people having finally attained peace in themselves, having finally let go.

Being a geek about break-ups (an occupational hazard), I’ve been to the museum twice before over the years. But this time, I was struck dumb by the quality of the writing in all the stories. I feel disloyal saying this, but I don’t remember the plaques in London all being as impeccably written. Perhaps there has been a more shrewd editing process this time, but they are all brilliantly balanced – both as pieces in themselves, and in relation to each other. Sensitively curated, some stories are brutally short; a real power in their brevity. Others are as long and meandering as the lifetimes they span.

The artefacts range from the funny (a mirror weighed down with the memory of a break-up), the freaky (curled up contacts collected in a baggy), the frightening (belly button fluff)… to the heartbreaking (the teddy who no longer has music in his fingertips)… and the adorably mundane:

minty fresh

At this point I can’t not mention another similarity to ‘Break Up Club’ – which has its own fluoride motif, first mentioned here:


But back to the museum. Below are some of my all time favourites.

Yard 2
Heavy baggage
Free in every sense of the word
Nobody’s hero
The butterfly effect
broken wings
When a butterfly flaps its wings… all the way to the rubbish dump
bearly there1
Bear of little heart
bearly there 2
No picnic
bearly there 3
Uncomfortable silence

After an hour in the Museum, you are bowled over by the universality of break-ups. A sense that Love is the best feeling in the world, whereas break-ups are worse than death. But most of all you come away realising that it’s only by sharing our hoarding with others that we can declutter our emotional attics and finally move on. A break-up shared really is a break-up halved.

In the spirit of sharing, then – if I was ever going to donate an object, it would be one red high-heeled shoe. A symbol of one particularly significant love story I lived through. I won’t bore you with the details, but it began with a romantic Cinderella-esque meet-cute, and ended when the relationship turned into a pumpkin 10 months later. Sadly, I can’t donate the original shoe because the ‘real life Break Up Club’ and I burned it in a bonfire. This was back in 2009, before Zagreb’s first Brokenships had opened. So like my characters, we had to improvise.

I had to laugh when the invite came into my inbox with one red high-heeled shoe on it. 



*Incidentally, ‘Break-Up Club’ itself has also finally just opened its doors, thanks to Harper Collins. You can join here, or find out more at breakupclub.co.uk




Break-Up Club – now open for business for the Summer!

Which is code for, my novel is out today in e-book and print on-demand! Thanks to the lovely team at Avon/Maze Books for making it all happen ! Here I am having a nice wheat beer in Venice to celebrate (a day early because of the time difference)

Venice BUC2

I’ll be jumping in my blog-tour bus again very soon, so I’ll see you in a corner of the interweb very soon, but until then, here’s a sneak preview of PAGE ONE if you’ve not seen it before…


And here’s the trailer!

What becomes of the broken-hearted? They get drunk a form a slightly pathetic club and fall head over heels, that’s wot.

Thanks for watching, reading and if you liked any of it, click here to buy it – either in old-skool paperback mode, or new-fangled ebook…

Thank you!



Break-Up Club on Tour! First stop: Venice Beach, CA



A quick missive from the Land of La La, where I’ve come to live for a short while, having just gone on a year-long sabbatical from my ‘day-job’ in Advertising. Hurrah. Feeling very lucky! I’ll keep the smug-posts to an absolute minimum but this is just to say that in my first week I’ve ticked off a number of important Californian Cliches:

  • Making friends with a plastic surgeon in a coffee shop
  • Being told we have ‘cute accents’ about 457 times
  • Going on a midnight drive to find the Hollywood sign, and not being able to find it – instead, getting into jetlag-fuelled delerium in our attempts to pronounce Griffith Observatory without laughing. Just try and say it without sounding like you have a speech-impediment. It’s nigh-on-impossible. But maybe it’s the jetlag.
  • Going for a jog around the canals followed by an EXTREMELY green juice.
  • Yoga on the beach daily
  • Falling over while in Eagle pose, daily. Yoga on soft sand is very hard.
  • Being offered the chance to look at a turtle with two heads. Politely declining said offer.
  • Making lots of new friends because you can’t not, when everyone is this friendly.
  • Meeting two drunk men in a bar having a homo-erotic fumble – one who turns out to be an actor from Sex and the City.
  • Making friends with our Lyft driver who turns out to be an AMAZING musician called Slark. His latest track  – of course – is called ‘Break Up’ which he wrote about his recent conscious uncoupling. It’s going in the BUC soundtrack as soon as it’s on Spotify!
  • Realising Netflix is so, so much better here. They have The Wonder Years! Which was pretty much the defining show of mine and my roomie’s childhood. So now we watch an episode a day, and I have so far cried at Every Single One. Kevin&Winnie4Eva.


That’s all really. Except that, my book comes out on Thursday, so I might say a few words then! ‘Til then, here’s some wise words from a wall in Venice Beach – good to remember in a break-up, but also in life. Have a really, really really nice day y’all.