A while back the legendary Mark Denton Esq came to BMB to give us an amazing talk about the importance of always picking up the phone because you never know what can come of it.

Since then Soho’s Head of Enthusiasm has pretty much visited every agency in town. If you’ve not yet had Mark come in, you should. He’ll come in, set off a firecracker of energy and obstinate optimism and leave it whizzing round the agency. He is a man who:

Answers the phone to EVERYONE no matter how busy he is.

Does not like the word NO.

Lives by the mantra ‘it’s more fun doing it than not’.

Truly emanates ‘nothing-is-impossible-ness’ from his every pore.

Get Mark in and he will tell you a gazillion stories of amazing creative projects that happened only because of the above.

But, we wanted to tell you our own real life example.

Months ago, an up and coming director called David emailed us, saying he was looking for some spec scripts to film for his reel. I said yes and reached for my dusty bottom drawer and pulled out one that got away.

It was a campaign for Cillit Bang that we wrote five years ago on freelance at Euros, under the care of one of our favourite CDs Mark Fiddes.

I won’t lie. It’s one of our darker ideas. But we kind of like the optimistic sentiment behind it. We have a load more in the campaign but this one was the easiest to film.

Incidentally, David has to be one of the nicest, easiest to work with people in the entire world. We can’t recommend him enough.

He has since set up a company called The Boto House  – his approach with which is to work specifically with agency creatives who have -um – unconventional ideas that don’t see the light of day for one reason or another.

So if you’re a creative and you have an idea that got away you’d love to see be made, why not pick up the phone and see what happens.

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