Watford’s Week in the Wilderness

Last week at BMB Watford Ad School came to stay.

In between highly informative lectures from @Katie_Grimsby, @AndrewWright2 and @Buders, we briefed the teams on three new campaigns for their book, then took them to the wilderness to camp out for the week (BMB’s lovely brainstorming area in Neal’s Yard). Then there was a Wildcard brief from The Tapas Whizz-Kids Richard and Jolyon who naughtily quit the course early to be on placement here.

It wasn’t enough that their old classmates were going to be at BMB while they were busy doing their month’s worth of live briefs here. No. To make the whole course hate them that little bit more, their tutor Tony had Richard & Jolyon set their old peers a brief. Interestingly, this brief produced some of the best work. And Trev’s personal favourite: The Ant Pad:  a five star retreat where only the luckiest, pluckiest of ants get to go and take a load off.


This winning idea appeared in the book of Emma and Alex, who after a lot of difficult judging, we picked out as the best of a brilliant bunch. Congrats Emma and Alex! They win a month’s creative placement here in July, despite having only just got together, after an arranged marriage from their tutor Tony Cullingham.

Here they are with match-maker Tony. The tall blonde next to the happy couple is Matt, who blew us away by making a whole video game in 3 days, and wins a two-week digital placement.

A nice end to the week was when they all said they’d enjoyed our week more than any other agency they’d been to. Not that it’s a competition or anything.

Anyway thanks for coming. And good luck out there, class of 2013.




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