#Hamstergate: Is anyone out there working at Alcohol Concern?

Both Nat and I are really disturbed by today’s Metro story about the douchebag who fried a hamster.

First of all, I thought he’d done it by mistake, so my tactical reflex muscles went, ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’.

But it turns out that it wasn’t that James White couldn’t see properly.

He couldn’t think. He was just really, really hammered.

Obviously this is f**ing mental behaviour, but it says more about binge drinking and the ‘state of our youth and their relationship to boozing’ than anything else. (wow, I feel old now)

So really, it’s not Specsavers but Alcohol Concern who should run a tactical ad using this image.

We’ll happily write the copy if they do.

Please share/retweet if you agree!



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