Anthony of Albion, take a bow.

The lines are now closed for this year’s Gun Report.

Thank you for all your entries. It was a difficult decision, as the calibre of this year’s entries was so outstanding.

However, in the end we felt that no one had what it takes to beat Albion’s Anthony Borkett.

So, without further ado, we are pleased to crown ALBION this years overall Winner of the 2011 Gun Report. Congratulations.

We’ll see you in the OAP for your winning pint of low-calorie, high-protein ale.

But before we conclude this year’s proceedings, we would like to announce a new category in this year’s report. In response to the great deal of promise exhibited in many of the candidates who entered, this award seeks to recognise adland’s stars of tomorrow; the ones to watch…and the ones we expect to sweep the board in years to come.

So, the lucky recipient of this year’s Emerging Talent Award goes to:




Mr Ian Fooks from Dare.

Well done Ian.

Keep at it.

So from all of us at the 2011 Gun Report committee*, thank you and keep drinking those shakes.


* Actually it’s just Lol… Nat is at the gym.


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