Scamp’s back; this time he’s in print.

“As a child, I used to sing advertising jingles in the playground. My dad sold advertising space for The Sunday Times, which in the 1980’s was running a fantastic poster campaign through Leo Burnett, and I used to beg him to bring the posters home for me. I put them up on the wall.”

Aw, bless. That’s the young Scamp, A.K.A. Simon Veksner speaking, who thankfully grew up to have some social skills and a successful career in advertising. His book ‘How to make it as an advertising creative’ is published this week, and that’s just one endearing extract. Haven’t read it all yet, but the bits I have are great, informative and funny.

Small bit of trivia: we are in an infinitessimally small bit of the book, talking about our heady days of freelancing.

Scamp can be found shamelessly self-promoting his first book here.



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