What’s more shocking – sex in public or believing in God?

That’s just one of the intriguing questions in Mark Vernon’s quiz to find out your philosopher ‘type’. I (lol) just stumbled across it on the School of Life website, having just read an amazing Alain de Botton book ‘Essays in love’ over the holidays. (can’t recommend it enough by the way).

Sorry if we’re slow to this but it’s a really lovely website. And we thought worth pointing out to people in the Ideas business (whether in the platonic sense or the app sense). Haven’t been to the School itself but it looks like a great place to go and ‘expand your mind’.  There’s some amazing looking breakfast classes, and there’s also other treasures such as Bibliotherapy – where you can book in a session with someone to discuss your reading life and then be prescribed your perfect literary remedy.

Anyway, why not take the quiz – it might make a more enriching start to the year than the usual ‘how chavvy are you’ or ‘what simpsons character are you’ type of test. Happy New Year, either way.


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