Smoke and mirrors, war and peace

A bunch of us went to the Smoke and Mirrors 48 hour film party a few weeks ago. Here’s a heinously belated round up of the best entries.

‘Simon’s Making a Film’ – a little reminiscent of the orange cinema ads, and self-referential in a ‘i think we’re in a viral’, breaking the fourth wall kind of a way:

‘The Warrior’
– Quirky, funny, filmed at DDB and stars my sister so I can’t not put it up…

‘A shot at love’
using a clever VO technique:

One of our favourites was the 5 o clock.

but this was also ludicrously good and clever:

Must confess I’m not sure what the overall winner was? Very fun party though, with interesting garguantun pastie canapes. Speaking of which, it’s the Glue christmas party tonight, and it’s almost time to start getting ready. So bye for now and happy almost christmas.



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