Cannes Big Brother

During our time in Cannes doing the Young Lions Competition, we had an MTV film crew following us around, recording our EVERY move. Well, here is the result. A six minute film documenting our whole experience, including our thoughts on Cannes (some of them coherent), shiny-headed pre brief interviews, the very hectic shoot day, last minute technological freak-outs, and the final film. Phew.


One thought on “Cannes Big Brother

  1. Steve. Thanks for the shout on the Friday Club. Of course, what you didn’t know is that the whole event was set up to test whether the prominence of facial hair was killing the creative industries. I think it’s clear where we ended up on that one. My advice…Give in. Grow a bushy tache. And then the world might listen to your sage-like advice on the importance of process in achieving creative greatness…. I’m thinking Magnum era Tom Selleck might work for you! 


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