Guest Post: Lorelei Mathias

Stop one on the Break Up Club mini Blog Tour…
A little something I wrote about editing, eternal sunshine, and how not to be a douchebag to yourself in a break-up!

Bookaholic Confessions

By Lorelei Mathias


Hello. Thanks for having me, Holly! Today I’m going to be introducing you all to two of the most essential rules of Break-Up Club, and then I’ll walk you through why they are so important…


#6 No Face-Stalking. Exes should be un-friended no later than 48 hours after a break-up. Phone numbers should be deleted or re-saved under the name ‘Don’t Answer’.


#10 – For their own protection, members must respect the N.G.Z. (No-Go Zones) imposed by a break-up. N.G.Z.s fall into three categories – Locational, Musical and Gifting.


Now, both of these rules exist to encourage the importance of filtering your own thoughts, which is a practice most essential to any break-up. I promise you – it really helps!

Because editing is a big part of how you get over someone, I made my…

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