About six hundred years ago, Nat and I thought that it would be interesting to see the first student scamps of advertising’s most brilliant creatives.

A bit like how people love watching old clips of hollywood actors in their school plays.

It’s always  encouraging to see that everyone starts somewhere.

Almost a year since we started work on it, we are finally ‘launching’ it today. Hope you enjoy looking at all the work. It certainly made us laugh a lot.


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.31.45 PM


Thank you so much to all the creatives that have waded through moth balls in attics and dug deep in their parents’ sheds to forage for their work. Without you there would be no site.

And thank you to all the other people who have helped us get this off the ground. Paul and Daryll especially,  Debbie and Kate. Maggie Souter from Central Saint Martins, Tony Cullingham from Watford, and Paul Springer from Bucks, who have all helped track down the work of their most illustrious alumni.

We would love the site to keep evolving. So if you’re a creative that’s been round the block a few times, and you have your old book knocking about, please email it to

So what’s next after #MyFirstFolio?

Maybe #MyFirstFilm – a chance to watch the first steps into celluloid of Ringan and other world famous directors?

Or #MyFirstSnaps – a chance to see Rankin’s first ever photographs, if they still exist in an attic somewhere.

Anyone want to help make that?




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