Before He Was Famous

Here to brighten up your Friday afternoons is a teaser from the archives of the disarmingly bonkers genius Mark Denton Esq.

There’s much more where that came from, (and not just from Mark) but to see them, you’ll have to seek out your own lovely early scamps and send them into Nat and I!

We’ve decided that you have until end of January to submit them to us, so maybe make it a post-turkey activity to get up in the attic in between christmas day and new year?

Thanks Mark for your exemplary self-restraint in not posting the rest of them!

The rest of you ‘famous’ lot, get them sent in, so that the world may be at once inspired and tickled by your early marker-pieces.

(does that even work as a portmanteau? I’m not sure but Nat’s in Cambodia and she’s my Pun Referee, so it’s staying in for now).


Please send your hopeful scampmissions to: or



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